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Video Burrowscopes

Burrowcam and Spidercam

The Wireless Video Burrowscope is a miniature video camera that displays an image on a 6cm colour LCD screen. The camera is mounted on the tip of 1m long flexible gooseneck. This can be extended to 3m, but the joiners have an outer diameter of 19mm.

The camera tip incorporates integral variable intensity illumination and the displayed video can be recorded as video or still images on an SD card of up to 16GB capacity. Recorded media can be replayed on the LCD screen.

At Faunatech, we offer two models; the Burrowcam and the Spidercam wireless video inspection systems.

The Burrowcam has a 17mm diameter camera head mounted on a 9.4mm diameter gooseneck and a focal length of 120mm to infinity with a crisp clear image. It is best suited to larger burrows, tree hollows and nesting boxes etc.

The Spidercam has a 9mm diameter camera head mounted on a 7.6mm diameter gooseneck with a minimum focal length of 25mm and is best suited to small burrows and spider holes where the subject is likely to be small and close to the camera.

Both models offer the option of removing the LCD display from the unit and view the image wirelessly from up to 10m away. Recording can be continued in this condition.

Standard accessories are: �periscope� style angled mirror, wire hook and magnetic camera tip attachments, wall charger, USB cable to facilitate direct connection to a computer and a video feed cable to connect the camera directly to a television to view recordings.

Optional accessories are: 1m extension gooseneck.

All units supplied in a hard case. Available for both immediate purchase or rental.


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