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Song Meter Micro Recorders from Wildlife Acoustics

A range of highly effective, efficient and compact bioacoustics recorders- Lots of performance at low cost!

Song Meter Micro

The new Song Meter Micro delivers a high-quality yet feature-rich passive acoustic wildlife recorder in a compact and robust weathertight housing.

*** We are taking pre-orders for Song Meter Micro, for deliveries in March and April- call or email to secure yours today!

Quick Facts:

  • Compact acoustic recorder for wildlife
  • Can record unattended for months
  • Pocket sized and tough
  • Very affordable
  • Pairs with app for wireless configuration and status checks


The Song Meter Micro is a small and affordable acoustic wildlife recorder designed for the lengthy unattended recording of animal vocalisations. The Micro features an inconspicuous built-in omni-directional weatherproof microphone with a recording bandwidth of 20 Hz to 48 kHz, a range suitable to virtually any terrestrial or arboreal mammal, bird, or frog. While the default audio settings will suit most users and applications, both the microphone gain and the recording sampling rate can be adjusted if required. Recordings are saved to a microSD memory card (up to 2 TB cards are currently supported). The Song Meter Micro saves recordings in the industry standard WAV format. These can be played back using many common music players, assuming that the player supports the sampling rate used during the file’s creation. For trouble free review, we recommend the free Kaleidoscope Lite spectrogram viewer from Wildlife Acoustics. For more advanced analysis and processing, the licenced Kaleidoscope Pro software package is hard to beat. .

Achieve up to 200 hours recording time on three alkaline AA batteries, or use rechargeable MiMH batteries for further cost savings over time. The purpose-built polycarbonate housing is small enough to slip into your pocket, yet it is fully weathertight and robust. The housing is easy to open and includes mounting tabs suited to bungees or screws. The Song Meter Micro measures just 101 x 74 x 28 mm and weighs a meagre 73 g (195 g with batteries).

Configuring is a breeze using the free Song Meter Mini and Micro Configurator app on a compatible smartphone or tablet. The app, (available for iOS and Android) communicates with the Song Meter Micro via Bluetooth, enabling convenient setting changes as well as instantaneous status checks of battery level, card space, schedules, and other information. Configurations can be named, saved, and shared, across multiple recorders or between colleagues. The app is also used to update the Song Meter Micro’s time, date, and GPS derived location. Status LEDs and certain functions are also accessible via the controls inside the Song Meter Micro housing. The Song Meter Micro is pre-loaded with five useful recording schedules, for example “Record birds/frogs for 5 minutes of every hour”. Selecting one of the pre-loaded schedules will be sufficient for most users, enabling rapid and reliable deployment with a minimum of fuss. For those with more complex requirements however, the Schedule Editor allows further tailoring of recording schedules to meet specific needs. Another useful feature is the delayed start function, whereby you can force the Song Meter Micro to remain asleep for days, weeks or months before beginning its normal schedule. The Song Meter Micro is the latest in a long line of high-quality wildlife call recorders from USA based Wildlife Acoustics. Years of developmental experience is evident in the performance, usability, and feature set of the Micro, despite the compact and durable form factor and low price point.


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