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Wildlife Acoustics 3rd generation Song Meter Platform

Wildlife Acoustics 3rd generation Song Meter platform is specifically designed to meet a wide range of bioacoustics monitoring and recording research requirements for terrestrial and marine environments. This platform provides a powerful and expandable foundation to support a wide range of passive acoustic and/or ultrasonic monitoring applications. All models feature huge data capacity, long run times and pre-deployment, self-diagnostic and auto recognition features never heard of before in bioacoustics recorders.


Extended deployments and reduced cost of ownership.

SM3 Song Meters use a new circuit board design, highly efficiency switching amplifiers and revamped power management firmware. The combination results in a 20% to 50% increase in deployment times over previous generation Song Meter. Song Meters accept 5 to 15 volts with reverse voltage protection. No power adapter is needed.

SM3 Song Meters can store more than two terabytes of data (2048 GB) using four 512 GB SDXC flash cards and even more data as flash card technologies continue to improve.

Simultaneously record any combination of bird, frog and marine wildlife.

The Song Meter Platform is the only recorder of its kind that can support a variety of audio input sources, specifically, Wildlife Acoustics' SMM-A1 or SMM-A2 acoustic microphone to record birds and frogs, the SMM-U1 ultrasonic microphone to record bats and the specially designed hydrophone for recording underwater acoustic signals from fish or cetaceans.

SM3BAT expanded recording capabilities doubles effective field coverage.

Song Meters are the only recorders available that can simultaneously record in full spectrum at 256 kHz on two channels AND zero crossing on the same channels. It's like having two full spectrum and two zero crossing recorders in one box and with superior battery life.

Need a higher sampling rate? The SM3 can sample in full spectrum up to 384 kHz on one channel.

Files can be recorded in standard uncompressed .WAV and zero crossing file formats.

Want more options for zero crossing files? The SM3BAT has an improved zero crossing auto level and division ratios of 4, 8, 12 or 16.

The SM3BAT is highly power efficient, allowing lengthy unattended deployments. It can record up to 180 hours of echolocation data in full spectrum and up to a remarkable 700 hours in zero cross format on one channel. This efficiency translates into fewer field trips, saving you valuable time and reducing your overall operating costs. For even longer field deployments, consider the Faunatech SM3 Solar Module external power supply option.

Improved field reliability backed with a 3 year warranty.

The Song Meter SM3 recorder (the SM3BAT, SM3 Bird and Frog and SM3 Aquatic) use die cast aluminum, powder epoxy coated enclosures. Combined with custom, gasketed connectors and access panels, the SM3 is virtually waterproof. That means you don't need additional weatherproof boxes to mount your recorder.

The new Song Meters are backed with the longest warranty available: 3 years, supported locally right here in Australia, so you will have peace of mind.

Upgraded useability means precious time and money saved.

All 3rd generation Song Meters come with ready-to-use, built-in programs for a variety of common recording scenarios. There's no more need for you to set recording parameters, because they're already there in the programs and they even adapt automatically to the types of microphones that are attached. Simply select a program, connect external mics or use the built-in ones, and press the START button. Want to fine-tune? You can adjust your triggers and acoustic scrubbers with little effort. For special needs, you can create your own fully customized programs. Whether you're simply adjusting parameters or creating your own program, a built-in program checker automatically lets you know about errors, unusual parameter choices, or unexpected hardware configurations.

Innovative self-diagnostic features detect internal faults, run tests, and save logs that can be shared with our engineering team to quickly diagnose problems should they occur. A Check Status button displays battery voltage, SD card capacities, microphone types and levels, and recording state. Detailed information about the current program, firmware version, hardware configuration, and GPS location is saved in every recording file, so that you'll always know how a recording was made.

Should you need to synchronize multiple SM3 recorders and/or log deployment locations, just plug in the GPS accessory. No special set up is needed.

The Song Meters are easy to install. Upper and lower mounting flanges provide dozens of mounting configurations, allowing installation on any surface from buildings to trees to posts, metrology towers, wind turbines, piers and buoys.

Easily programmable in the field or at your desk.

Song Meters can be easily programmed to record on simple time-of-day schedules or to implement the most complex monitoring protocols relative to local sunrise and sunset. The Song Meter can be configured directly from its easy-to-use keypad. For added convenience, Song Meter recording schedules can be created, viewed and edited with the free Song Meter Configuration utility. The new Program Checker feature looks for errors in your schedule program or inconsistencies in your configuration and warns about possible problems with your set up. The benefit? Error-free deployments to maximize your data collection effort.

Analyze your data with our high speed analytical software.

You have terabytes of data and don't know where to start? Talk to us about obtaining free Song Scope software for processing field bird, frog and aquatic data. For ultrasonic or more rigorous analysis, step up to the Kaleidoscope Pro software package to enable sophisticated high speed spectrogram and cluster analysis.

Unparalled customer support

Faunatech has over 25 years experience in the bioacoustics sphere, enabling us to offer robust product and project advice coupled with full warranty and repair services. To further our support footprint, we have partnered with the dynamic team at Premise Environmental (formerly O2 Ecology) in Brisbane, offering solid local technical support to our Queensland bioacoustics customers.

Call or email now to discuss your Song Meter needs or jump to our contact form.


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