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Fauna Mitigation

Faunatech specializes in the development of integrated systems to meet emerging ecological and engineering problems. We do this by bringing together a suite of technologies, fresh ideas and components. We have many years experience in the design, manufacture and implementation of specialized faunal surveillance systems, such as those shown here.

Rope Bridge Surveillance

We have designed our rope bridge surveillance system to monitor the effectiveness of arboreal fauna crossings. These structures are increasingly being installed where important faunal habitats are dissected by roadway constructions. We equip either one or both ends of the crossing with a specific version of our FaunaFocus infra-red camera. Sensing is via one or more custom designed active IR sensing device.

Captured IR still photographs, or short movie footage provide a reliable means of determining success of these crossings. In addition, they are important for observing species composition, temporal patterns, frequency of use and general interactional behaviour for an ever increasing number of arboreal and cansorial species.

Images are accessed at ground level via a secure steel housing containing both the data feed socket and the system battery. Solar panels are an option, enabling unattended operation for many weeks or months.

Systems are custom designed to suit individual sites. We can also carry out or assist with installation.

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Glider Sensors

Our Glider Sensor is installed around the circumference of a pole or tree trunk to detect ascending arboreal animals. Combined with our FaunaFocus camera and special camera strut, these sensors have been used in determining the efficacy of glider pole structures over highways.

We produce the glider pole in a strobing active IR sensor version, or a non powered wire loop type device.

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