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Echo Meter Touch 2 and Echo Meter Touch 2 PRO.

Bat detection and analysis for your iOS or Android devices!

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For active monitoring of bats, the feature-packed Echo Meter Touch 2 enables on-the-move ultrasonic monitoring and recording - at a fraction of the cost of legacy products, by leveraging the power of your iPad, iPhone or Android device. Two models are available- the Echo Meter Touch 2 is a sophisticated yet miniature and economical bat detector aimed at the bat enthusiast. The more advanced Echo Meter Touch 2 Pro adds advanced features and capabilities sought by professional bat consultants.

The Echo Meter Touch has all the tools you need to identify species in the field:

  • Stunning, full colour, zoomable spectrograms.
  • Ability to listen to bats in real time with unparalleled fidelity.
  • Recordings that match detectors costing thousands of dollars more.
  • GPS tracking that tags all recordings with location information.
  • Offered in iPad/iPhone and Android phone/tablet versions.


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